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If you've ever thought about utilizing a coach to help you successfully navigate though big changes in your life, be it your goals or some significantly challenging process, this program was designed especially for you. It will give you the opportunity to work one-on-one with a professional coach and discover first hand the enormous benefits to be gained from having a personal coach in your life.

In this unique introduction to Transformational Coaching, your coach will walk you through the fundamental tools used to transform your current reality into one that you desire.

You'll begin by working with your Coach to create your own Personal Profile. This profile will give you a greater understanding of yourself and your desires and challenges than you've probably ever experienced. It will give you the clarity you need to begin turning your challenges into opportunities.


Transformational Coaching

Transformational Coaching is a curriculum-based program designed to show you how to transform the quality of your being in specific areas of your life. You will learn the fundamentals of Transformational success. In this process you will find out what you want and most need to focus on to create powerful success.

Also emphasized in this course is the notion that what makes a transformational successful will change depending on your circumstances and environment. As you grow and new developmental challenges are encountered, the "rules" can change. Therefore, ongoing dialogue and healthy reflection is necessary for continued enhancement of your desired focus area.

Richard’s philosophy and approach to working with Transformation can be described as empowering and inspiring. He specializes in helping individuals to identify and clarify their purpose and overcome limitations in their thinking. As many of the coaching disciplines acknowledge, there is a strong connection between an individual's thinking, feeling and behavior. Therefore creating slight shifts in any of these areas can start the ball rolling to create profound change.

An Example Coaching Program Outline

Session 1: Finding your vision, purpose & intention

The initial session will focus upon what success means to you. This is different for each person. It is important that you focus on what you want, as it is the first step to creating it. Finding out why you want to achieve your goal is deeply empowering, as you then have direct access to your own motivation. You will also define how you will know that you have achieved your goals.

Session 2: Your current beliefs, behaviors & habits

This session will focus on the most common patterns in your life that sabotage your success. What are the things that stand in your way that must be overcome. Knowing this in advance will help to create a map for your journey.
Ultimately, this part of the process is not about changing who you are, but changing what you do. This session will emphasize the pragmatic philosophy of find out what works and do more of it. On the flip side, finding out what doesn't work, and stop doing those.

Session 3: Letting go of the old, embracing the new.

Change is the only constant. As humans we are not static. We are in continuous development whether we like it or not. Life presents certain challenges to us which can out date formerly successful ways of feeling inspired and on purpose, solving problems and breaking through to new levels of success in our chosen goal areas.
This session will help you explore your relationship within a developmental framework. Has your career changed? What do you enjoy doing now? Do you have more, or less, responsibilities in your life? How have you grown over the years? What skills or contexts are you being asked to become aware of and master?

Session 4: The Six Human Needs - Certainty/Comfort, Variety, Significance, Connection/Love, Growth, Contribution.

We all have needs. Some are basic, like are our physical needs (food, clothing, shelter) and our need to feel safe.
More advanced needs include our need to belong, to feel good about ourselves, and to continue to grow and expand ourselves.
The more advanced needs are met in very individualized ways.
This session will help you connect with how you can meet and actualize your higher level needs.

Session 5: Conscious evolution + next steps
This session will focus on how you interact with your goals and transformation process. This session covers: Are you most motivated by “towards” or “away from” thinking. The pleasure pain principle. How to continue your ongoing, sustainable development & change towards your goal. What kind of ways to do interact with your world – visual, auditory, kinesthetic. How do you know when you are on the right path?

Session 6: The power of keeping your word

When you engage your purpose and aim for your goals, several things happen. One is that life conspires to make your dreams come true. The other is that your mind will throw you challenges to overcome, so you can develop the abilities and skills to create your goal. We cover getting off purpose and getting back on track in this session - how can you forgive yourself and recommit to your goal when you miss the mark.


You outline can be tailored according to your requirements. Some suggestions to consider:

- Researching & resetting personal context & identity

- Teach-ability and course-correction

- Monitoring personal hypocrisy

- Creating life balance - wheel of life

- Energy management

- The power of living your Values

- Energy states & anchoring

- Authentic natural leadership

- Specific skills development

- Commitment & Accountability

- Your influencing style

- Specific issue resolution

- Living your life purpose

- Personal Reward programs

- Self Esteem Enhancement


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