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Leadership Theories and Styles

Leadership has developed over throusands of years. Here is a brief list of some common leadership theories and styles:


Great Man Theory

Leaders are born, not made
Trait Theory Leaders have specific traits that make them leaders. Courage, vision, strength, communication skills, etc
Behavioral Theories
Leaders need to behave in certain ways to be effective
Participative Leadership Leader involves those around them to make desisions.
Situational Leadership Leader adapts the style using levels of direction and support based on the task and the skill of the person being lead
Contingency Theories Similar to Situational leadership, ut takes into account other contingencies such as leader capability
Charismatic Leadership When a leader uses their charm and character to influence others rather than formal or positional authority
Transactional Leadership Contracting using the carrot and stick method. ie: do the job, or get fired. Do the job and get paid.
Transformational Leadership Communication of a vision to the heart of the followers. Individual attention, mental stimulation, inpirational and visionary leadership.
Servant Leadership When the leader's major purpose is to serve others, society and the world around them, rather than others serving them.




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