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Change Agent Resources

Below you can find some general resources regarding Change and being a Change Agent:

Spiral Dynamics
Spiral Dynamics is a model of transformational change. By exploring and describing the core intelligences and deep values that flow beneath what we believe and do, the model offers a profoundly incisive and dynamic perspective on complex matters such as:

    HOW people think about things (as opposed to “what” they think)
    WHY people make decisions in different ways
    WHY people respond to different motivators
    WHY and HOW values arise and spread
    The nature of CHANGE

Helping you understand the up's and down's, in's and out's of change from an individual and an organisational perspective


Mentoring for Change
Excellent website with resources for any change agent. Covers coaching models, leadership styles, processes, ideas and frameworks for change.


A global network of individuals who are creating a revolution in consciousness and culture. Through ongoing support, active engagement, and personal and collective transformation, our members are helping to push forward the edge of human development at this pivotal time in history.



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