Sunday, November 1, 2009

First Annual Transformational Leadership Fall Symposium

Friday Evening, November 20 – Saturday, November 21 Chicago, Illinois

Learn from national and international experts and respected corporate leaders.

Benefit from the applied lessons shared by Brad Anderson, former CEO and current Vice Chairman of Best Buy. Brad is this year’s Transformational Leadership Award recipient.

Other speakers include Dr. Don Beck, co-author of Spiral Dynamics, a foremost organizational and national change agent in the world macro view of organization which will show you how to be more effective with the various sub-groups you lead.

Dr. Judith Wright , a specialist when it comes to personal development and transformation is you guide when looking at your purposes and passions in transformational leadership.

Dr. Robert Wright will add the neuroscience to help you be more effective and empower your staff even more.

Dr. Ron Riggio, co-author of a book on "Transformational Leadership" shows you how to create productive environments using specific approaches with Transformational Leadership

This powerful experiential event will give you what you need most to to guide your transformational leadership development.

Learn more and register at:

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Transactional vs Transformational Leadership

Hi there,

Here is a quick overview of the differences between transactional and transformational managers and leaders.

The transactional leader influences others by appealing to self-interest, primarily through the exchange of rewards and services. The relationship between this type of leader and the follower is seen as a series of rational exchanges that enable each to reach their own goals. Transactional managers supply all the ideas and use rewards as their primary source of power. Followers comply with the leader when it’s in their own interest - the relationship continues as long as the reward is desirable to the follower, and both the leader and the follower see the exchange as a way of achieving their own ends. Traditional management is focussed on this way of leading, particularly if looked at through the lens of budgeting and cost control.

The transformational leader inspires followers to not only perform as expected, but to exceed expectations - transformational leaders motivate followers to work for goals that go beyond immediate self-interest, where what is right and good becomes important - these leaders transform the needs, values, preferences and aspirations of followers. They do this so that the interests of the wider group replaces the self-interest of individuals within that group. Leaders and managers that take this approach are more focussed on the intrinsic value of the human and the potential lying within.

It is not that one style is better than the other. Both are neccessary, but using one to the exclusion of the other will lead to limited results.


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Monday, October 19, 2009

Transformational Leadership Courage

My biggest mistakes have been made while trying to prove that I was different than what I actually am.

My most satisfying experiences have been those moments when I was real - I said what I meant, I meant what I said, and my behavior and my feelings all matched exactly. Many of those experiences were laced with anxiety, because I was laying everything on the line.

Others were borne of my willingness to accept the consequences either way, because I just couldn't stand being bound by my fear anymore...and the scariest experiences involved those who matter the most to me.

If you ever find your life on the dull side, tell someone how much you love them ...
Really HOW MUCH you love them.

Or tell them something you've been hiding from them.

Or both.

That'll do it.

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Step-by-Step Transformational Leadership

Dear Leader,

Ever lost your way on your transformational leadership journey? You are not alone. Part of the unfolding nature of being a leader is about leaning into the future, remembering who you fundamentally are and being willing to rediscover your purpose and passion.

Only once you do this will you be able to effectively lead others as a transformational leader.

At times we all lose our way. Conditions and motivations change; inertia takes over. Good intentions fade and old habits take over. We get comfortable in what we know. Our vision fogs over and we lose sight of the path ahead, ending up simply taking the next step, without knowing WHY....

we can't see the way out
or the way through
this is the way.

All that is needed
is one more step
and then another
and another......

K.Bradford Brown
(founder of

In times like these we need a way to reconnect with ourselves again.

Find your way of doing this, be it getting out into nature, being honest with yourself, recommitting to your personal disciplines, revisiting your goals list, or whatever helps you find your purpose and passion again.

To lead transformation in others, know how to lead transformation in yourself.
Light the fire within & fan those flames, whatever it takes.


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Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Transformational Leadership Age

Dear Leaders,

Just a few days ago, Barack Obama, the world first black American President, was inaugurated in front of 2 million people in Washington DC.

He is a man that represents all that is possible for America, and for the world, in terms of transformational change. He is a visible leader, that speaks his vision clearly, engaging those that hear him to see a world that is brighter, more supportive, less fear full and more accessible to the common man.

He is an example of what is possible with the power of Transformational Leadership and he ushers in an Age of accountability, awareness, responsibility and community.

Be inspired by his vision and charisma.

You can view his Inauguration speech here:

and his acceptance speech on YouTube below.

To the transformational leader in you
Warmest regards,


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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Global Transformational Leadership Movement

Hello Transformational Leader

There is a shift happening in our world. Our conciousness has become global, and our responsibility to our planet have become exposed. We can no longer pretend that we do not know the impacts of our behaviour on ourselves, others, and the world at large.

We have limited time to adapt to what is comming towards us, mainly massive change on a global, orgnisational and personal level. There are groups of all kinds rallying together to facilitate this transformation. Our collective conciousness is awakening, and as humans we are grouping together to create a SHIFT in the way we are with one another, ourselves and our world.

What am I talking about?
Just look around in the world and you will see disesase, war, famine, greed, murder, rape - just to name a few. We so often turn a blind eye to all of this, becuase on our personal world, it may affect us.

Here is my question to you....

Personal survival in an office cubical, or working a job for th rest of your life, surviving to see another day, or will you stand for something greater.

My sense is that you stand for something more....
More life...
More freedom...
More connection...
More love....
More forgiveness....
More partnership.....

If you believe in these things, here is something to inspire you to take action and be a force for good in this world. For too long has the human race been separate.

It is time....

Here is to our transformation

Warmest regards


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Monday, August 18, 2008

Transforming Leadership Power Story - Beyond Rangoon

Dear Leaders

When someone risks their own life for the lives of others, it sends a powerful message of faith in what is possible. There is a difference between force and power.

A transformational leader may face some threatening situations, many not as challenging as the one depicted in this movie clip.

It comes from a movie called Beyond Rangoon, and will inspire courage in your heart.

What will you risk on your Transformational Leadership Journey?

Your life may not be at stake, but your ego certainly might be...

To your ongoing leadership development and growth


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