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Transformational Leadership Behaviors

A transformational leader has a profound impact on those they interact with. This is due to the unique and authentic way that they are within themselves and with others.

If you study leadership in general, there has been a progression of leadership types, from Trait, Behavioral, Theory, Situational, Transactional and then Transformational. Transformational leadership is the most recent development in the evolution of leadership, and has an unusually high moral element to it. This is mainly due to the requirement of authentic transformational leaders to be genuine and not susceptible to corruption. It is easy for someone who has not developed themselves to a high enough moral level to be corrupted by the power and influence that this type of leadership can bring.

Here are some of the behaviors that a Transformational Leader might exhibit:

If you are an aspiring transformational leader, see how many of the below you can identify with.

- I always disclose fully all relevant information and new developments even when it's bad news

- I always keep the 'big picture' in mind in my decision-making process

- I always maintain confidences shared with me

- I am always open and up-front about problems that arise

- I am extremely reliable and do whatever it takes to deliver on my promises

- I clearly communicate my values and ideals to others and engage their support of them

- I clearly explain the rationale for decisions I have made to the people affected by the decisions

- I consistently communicate the criteria upon which decisions will be made

- I consistently encourage others to go beyond their self-interests in pursuit of the greater good

- I consistently strive to develop the latent talents of and mentor the people I lead

- I demonstrate and expect innovation and a bias for action

- I express a genuine interest in people on a regular basis

- I have an inspirational vision that I frequently communicate to others to gain their alignment

- I have high moral and ethical values and model them through my behavior

- I mobilize others through a collective sense of mission

- I often share my feelings about issues and situations

- I regularly challenge the status quo

- I set aside my personal interests in pursuit of the end goal

- I set high performance standards because I know that challenging attainable goals lead to higher performance

- I speak optimistically about the future and the opportunities it provides

- I speak to the commonly held values and aspirations I have with others

- I use my ability to connect with people to have them believe that there is more value to work than gaining immediate rewards

- Many people tell me I am a role model for them

- My values consistently drive my decision-making process

- People tell me they are proud to be associated with me

The above may seem like a tall order, and in a world where uncertainty and change is ever increasing, by using these behaviors we have the potential to inspire others to become transformational leaders themselves.

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