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Transformational Leadership develops leaders

Traditionally, leaders have followers that are subservient to the leader. By the very definition of leadership, there needs to be followers. But what happens when a leader invests themselves in developing those that follow, into leaders? It takes something special to be able to create that in the world today.

Each and every day, you can see examples of how we are lead to believe certain information by sources of authority that we do not even question. We take for granted the information in newspapers, TV and radio, as if it is true, not questioning, because that is our paradigm, or way of thinking. That way of thinking has caused a lot of damage to our world, our society, and the way we are with other people. In fact, it is almost completely acceptable for us as human beings to be on the brink of wiping our entire species off the planet. We have the power to do that, and if we don’t do it that way, Mother Nature seems to have plans of her own to get us to wake up.

In a way, we are all half asleep, not knowing our purpose, waiting for someone else to lead us to the promised land. Sound familiar? Even many thousands of years later we are still wondering around, killing each other, waiting for life to give us a hint. Well, in case you had not noticed, it is HERE, NOW. It always has been, and the signals are getting bigger and bigger. What is required to address the state of our world, our relationships, business, families, and ongoing survival of our species is for more people to stand up and say
“ Enough!...I will make a stand for what is right in this world.I will tell the truth, find my true purpose, and serve a greater purpose than my day to day life”
It takes the leader inside you to do that. As a follower, you would wait for approval to say it. But as a leader, you would simply do it.

But how do we create those kinds of leaders that are boldly willing to risk themselves?
Where in our world do we get that kind of input? Who in our lives is making a point about this, and doing something about it? Who is the one person in your life that has the capacity to do that kind of thing? To stand up for what you truly believe in. We are not talking about being a martyr, but we are talking about what is important, to YOU, to ME and the World around us.

Being a transformational leader is more than just having followers; much more. It is about developing the people around you so that they can lead. So that they can take your place and lead themselves and others to what is important and valuable to us as human beings. Not just for you and me, but for all of us.

Transformational Leadership can be done is many ways, in fact in as many ways as there are people willing to take that stand, but it takes something special inside us to create leaders, not just followers. Not to be seduced by the power and authority that comes with having a leadership role. It take being moral, inspirational, charismatic, intellectually stimulating, and paying attention to those around you in a way that they trust you, because of who you are, not just for what you do.

The question remains, will you break free of your paradigm that keeps you from claiming your potential leadership ability? Will you forgo your ego, and transcend yourself to serve those around you? Will you take that stand?

You will know if you are by the action you take in the direction of being a Transformational Leader, leading transformation firstly within yourself and then in others. What you bring to the world is something unique, powerful and desperately needed in this time in human history. Don’t hide it, keep on opening to it, and let it out. That is what you were born to do. To find the leader inside you, can call it out in others.

It is part of your destiny as a human being on this planet. We all have it, the question is, “Will you grow and develop it, each and every day, so that you can serve a greater purpose in your life?”


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