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The Potential of Transformational Leadership

At the top level in the evolution of leadership, we find Transformational Leadership. It is the highest manifestation of the art of leadership, and one of the most challenging to live and to master. As humans we continuously evolve and it is unlikely that transformational leadership will be the last level of development, but it certainly give us hope in potentially addressing some of the issues that the human race are facing as individuals, groups and a collective whole.

Business, one of the oldest of human behaviours, after many decades and centuries of development, has lead us to gathering daily in concrete jungles, in cubicles, spending the majority of our time looking at a computer screen or interacting with some form of electronic device. Less and less time is spent interacting with other humans. In a recent article, commenting on the UK Human resources business environment, it was suggested that talking was in fact a distraction from work.

Our path as humans is decided by our choices. Our free will guides us down a path, chosen from many possible options. Yes, technology makes our lives easier and faster, but at what expense – our humanity?

As a leader, we have the charge of leading ourselves and others to achieving the goals and outcomes that we or our collective group have set. This may include interfacing with technology, but behind that we are still very much human beings. In a technological age, we are under threat of losing our humanity, and at the same time advancing it more powerfully that ever before. A crisis is an opportunity to transform.

Transactional leadership, the definition of the outcome and the management of it, serves a purpose, and is reasonably easy to learn. The people you lead may do what you say, as the transaction dictates, yet how can you find a way to really genuinely inspire them to perform at a level far beyond the normal levels?

Transformational leadership offers that possibility. As a transformational leader, we are called to be the highest expression of humanity at this time, and so lead ourselves and others towards a new destiny that awaits us. A way of being that inspires our most noble selves, to be of service, as an act of self mastery. To consider and hold ourselves and others in a way that is empowering, uplifting and inspiring. To engage each person we interact with, with honour and respect.

To be this and all the other ways of being that a transformational leader is, is a commitment to something far greater than just ourselves. It is more that just basic survival, acceptance and group recognition. It is the expression of our individual potential, or self actualisation as Abraham Maslow described it. In some ways it is a calling, and requires an investment in you and in others, with no promise of a tangible return, and a willingness to trust that there is something in humanity that has the potential to respond with in a positive, upward overall trend - the potential for each of us to lift each other into a new level of understanding, relationships and consciousness.

Like evolution, it is a journey of uncertainty. Never knowing where exactly we will end up, yet a willingness to be present for what is happening now, and making powerful choices about our future from there.

Having been trained for the past decade in an environment that is conducive to this evolution, I have had the privilege of witnessing first hand what this kind of commitment can produce, both in me and in others. It is at the core of what drives the development of this website and the evolution of transformational leadership as we know it today.

www.transformationalleadership.net is dedicated to your transformation and leadership potential. Developing tomorrow's Transformational Leaders today.

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