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Transformational Leadership Starts with You

How many times have you waited on someone else to lead you to what you want? How many people around you are thinking the same thing? It is one of the greatest opportunities in your life to become the leader of your world in a unique and authentic way.

Many positions in the working world today, including transformational leadership roles, require some form of experience and qualification. But how do you get the experience so you can go out and get that leadership position? Choosing to become a leader in your personal life is one way to start the process.

Your uniqueness is about finding out what makes you a leader. Personal leadership is not about behaving in some specific prescribed way. It takes a willingness to look inside you and find out what your values are, and then living those values so that you tap into your unique and powerful potential. It is about knowing yourself inside and out, and then combining these to bring out the best in you. If you are not aware of your values, then how can you live them to your full potential? Reactive living is much less effective and powerful than proactive choice, not just leadership!

It is also very important to know the context that you are working in. For example, a high performance football player is great on the field, but is probably ineffective in a boardroom. Modelling other successful people in your field will give you a step up to the dynamics of the ‘what’ and ‘who’ you might need to become to be successful in your chosen endeavour, but it is the way in which you bring yourself to that, that determines your outcome.

This brings in Authenticity. If you cannot BE the way you want to DO, then the chances are that you will not be able to “switch it on” when you need it most. If only a part of you is engaged in your work, there will always be hesitation, uncertainty and perhaps even doubt. But when you live something, and it is in the very fibre of your body and being, then, when it comes to the critical moment where you absolutely need to be at your best, you will be ready. That is why sports professionals train day in and day out. They LIVE their sport, because when it comes to compete, they must be at their best to win.

Authentic transformational leadership is a highly powerful way of BEING. You can buy a book on transformational leadership, know all the facts, yet find that you are unable to create the results you want. Did you engage your unique and authentic self in the process, or where you trying to do it by a script, a proven process? Are you prepared to “build the bridge as you walk on it”?

By living each day as your own leader, inspiring yourself to take new steps and behave in different ways to which you are perhaps uncomfortable with, you will expand your ability to change yourself into the person that you desire. This is an important core concept of any personal development or success philosophy, without which you will struggle to make meaningful and lasting change. By practising Personal Transformational Leadership in our own lives, we become more effective at leading others in the work environment.

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