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What is your company willing to paint on the walls?

Social Entrepreneurs are the emerging generation of those that seek to create profit and wealth, and in the same breath have an impact in the world. Businesses have much power when it comes to making changes, implementing stratgies and getting things done, but too often is the case that there was not much thought regarding the consequences past the extra buck in the wallet.

Referring to an article from FastCompany, a leading business magazine, there are a number of organizations that are now looking to operate in different ways. Fair Trade policies are now coming into effect and the impact is enormous. New ways of doing business are opening up profitable, socially conscious opportunities, ones that would not have been spotted if it were not for the new way of seeing.

For too long have we taken action, like blind mercenaries “swinging pickaxes in a profit quarry”. The realities of the world are now asking us to make a significant change and look at what and how we are acting. We cannot afford to continue to disregard the consequences of social and global impact.

This requires change, transformation, and possibly conflict. There will be those that are against theses ideas, and will seek to hold onto the staus quo, in fear of losing their hard won ivory towers. There will be the visionary and transformational leaders that will be deeply moved, and decide to take action in a new way. This is the challenge for this time of business, and global consciousness. How we do one thing, affects everything. (link to other article).

Through becoming a transformational leader, the path to creating positive, sustainable change that has an impact on the world can be realized.

Deep change is something that most of us are not familiar with, and even highly uncomfortable with. When we look at what is true for us, and see the world in a way that is empowering, creative, and accountable for the impacts that we create around us, we have the ability to influence the future in a positive way. Most business owners are doing what they do to create that reality for themselves - income, stability, control, freedom. The question is where is it leading us as a human race? If the answer to that is “don’t know, so not important”, then fear the future of humanity. It is about our willingness to engage our higher purposes for creating our businesses, and allowing that to guide us, not just the drive for control and profit.

If companies around the world are making these changes, what you you doing? What can you contribute to ensure our future is positive and sustainable? By engaging your conscience, you can see the areas that require attention. As a business owner, you constantly attend to all aspects of your business, except the ones that are not highest priority. In the past, it has been easy to ignore the impact you have been creating. The profit you made at the expense of others, and their situations.

What does your company paint on it’s walls?

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